The Transform Team

Marit Fabian
My name is Marit Fabian, founder and owner of Transform Bootcamps & Personal Training.
I started Transform in 2017 in my home country The Netherlands and I feel extremely grateful to have helped many clients transform their lives with my Bootcamp classes and personal training sessions.
Fitness is my absolute passion and I love working with people to achieve their goals with fun and effective workouts modified to their fitness level, experience and preferences.
I’m known for my bootcamp style High Intensity Interval Training and Circuit workouts.
If you’re ready to get fit while having fun, come join my Transform Bootcamp class or schedule a personal training session with me!
I look forward to working with you and working towards your goals together!

Milena Fabian

My name is Milena Fabian, partner at Transform Bootcamps & Personal Training.

I’m Certified as a Personal Trainer, Group Class Fitness Instructor, Schwinn Instructor and Zumba Instructor. I have been a Personal Trainer and HIIT Instructor for two years and my goal is to bring wellness and joy to as many people as I can, helping to connect with the happiness and well-being that is within them.

I have an active lifestyle. I like incorporating high Intensity interval training into my workouts. I fell in love with exercising at a young age. In the past I’ve done CrossFit, dancing folklore and indoor cycling and I’m always open to learn new fitness methods.

I’m excited to be a part of your new healthy life!

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